Friday, July 3, 2009

A few of you have posed some questions, so here are the answers.
  • How many players compete in this tournament? Day 1A started at noon today with 1,122, and it's beginning to look like a much smaller field for the Main Event than last year's 6,800 plus. That's good.
  • Is my Memory Shock system [] much of a help in poker? Yup, but not in the same way that it would be in, say, blackjack. The most important area is in locking in my impression of an opponent's playing style. In a giant tournament like the Main Event, the playing styles of your tablemates (with the exception of those who are regularly on TV), are unknown. The problem is that just as you learn about them, the tables collapse and you are facing new opponents. A few hours, or a few days later, when you run into those whom you have faced earlier, it's a big advantage to have retained a handle on their style.
  • Which is better - a flush or a straight? I don't remember.
  • What will you do if you win the multi-million dollar first prize? I'll keep working as an equipment leasing broker until the money runs out.
OK. Next post will be from the Rio.

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