Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bad news. Tony G, my partner in crime, was knocked out in the first round of his Day 2. Short-stacked, with suited Q-10 in the big blind, Tony raised 3X the blind and a lone limper called with suited 4-8. The flop came Qxx and Tony bet out about half the pot. The kid raised with a four flush, and Tony went over the top, all-in. The turn brought the kid's flush and it was over. Tony is one of he best tournament players I have ever known. There's nothing you can do against someone who doesn't understand the game.

On a lighter note, I'm attaching a picture I snapped on Sunday, on the way back to the table from a break. Scotty Nguyen is about the most personable guy in the game. We wished each other luck. (I need more luck than he does.)

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