Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Song Is Ended...

...but the melody lingers on.

A month of pondering, and still nothing profound to wrap-up with - except this: After a half-century of playing poker, my total immersion in the WSOP Main Event has heightened my sensitivity to the game. My play since returning has been much improved and very productive.

Shane “Shaniac” Shleger is a popular young professional poker player. You may have seen him on a recent rebroadcast of a WPT Final Table last week. Shane was on my right at the WSOP Day 2. He made one move at me while I was short-stacked. I read it correctly and called to double up. (Translation: He tried to bluff me and it didn’t work.) And this about his perspective of Day 2, from Shanes’s blog:
“My table draw was, again, very bad: every one of my opponents was somewhere between competent and expert at NL tournaments….”
Well, at least I fooled him into thinking that I'm “between competent and expert at NL tournaments.”

This is my last post for now. Thanks for staying with me, and big thanks to those who sent words of encouragement. Same time next year? Who knows?